Corpus Christi sunset

Our first night in Corpus Christ we were treated to a wonderful sunset.  We arrived later than planned and were getting settled into the room when I pulled back the curtains and stepped out on the balcony.  The sunset and its fiery colors were amazing, and I quickly ran back in and grabbed my camera, while screaming “oh my God” or something to that effect.  Out of habit, I figured I should grab the tripod too so I could get it in HDR, and then realized the tripod was still in the trunk of the car.  Argghhh.  I knew I would not have time to get there and back,  so I snapped several single frame shots as the sun quickly sank away.  It’s interesting how quickly the sun seems to sink.  Nonetheless I was happy to have grabbed a few shots and thought this one came out fairly nice. Plus, I thought that the oil refineries made a cool silhouette against the sinking sun.