My own private waterfall

Well technically this isn't mine, but it sure felt like it on Saturday morning this past weekend.  I was in San Antonio, hanging with my Mom and Sister and just generally cruising around and taking a lot of pictures.  I got up really early to get downtown on Saturday morning, knowing that all the tourists would still be asleep and therefore not be wandering into my photos.  My Mom had mentioned that at the Hyatt near the Alamo there were some gorgeous fountains if I was interested.  Heck yeah, Mom.  After reeling off a lot of shots at the Alamo (and having that place all to myself too), I wandered over here and found this beauty.  It felt like it was all mine since I didn't see another soul while taking this shot and some others.  It's just a few steps from Alamo Plaza so be sure and check it out if you are in San Antonio sometime!