Along the Embarcadero

As I mentioned in a recent post, my latest trip to San Fran was very busy with work, leaving little time to chase the light.  I did squeeze in about an hour my last day there just after work and did a little camera-only photo walk, and I was lucky to get a little more time later that evening closer to dusk. This time, I brought the tripod.  Since I was short on time, I stuck close to my hotel which is right off the Embarcadero and mere steps from the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge.  I love both of those places and though I have taken many shots of both already, I anticipate more next time I am out there.  They are just such compelling structures in my opinion.  Anyways, I was taking a few HDR’s here and there when I turned around and saw the Ferry Building straight ahead.  So, this is the shot.  There was an interesting fog hanging around, and you can see a clear line where it breaks in the distance.  Straight ahead is the Ferry Building with the clock tower and orange lights on, and that interesting sculpture of the bow and arrow is called Cupid’s Span.  It symbolizes where Tony Bennett “left his heart”.  What a cool town!