My favorite neighbor

So this little guy seems to have taken up residence in a tree (along with his family) just across the street.  I have seen him several times lately, and have tried to get close enough to take his photo - to no avail - until today.  He happened to be eating a worm in the street and was content to just sit there for a bit.  I initially took shots from some distance, assuming he would take flight when he thought I was too close (and eventually he did) but I was able to get within about 20 feet of him!  I kept inching closer and closer, and sat down on the curb and fired away.  

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?  Via a Google search he appears similar to a red-shouldered hawk and also a merlin, but I really have no idea.  Any help on that front is appreciated.  One thing I know for sure - my wildlife photography skills need some work, and I probably need much different equipment.  Either way, it's fun to get pretty close to a creature this beautiful.