Hallway of higher learning

This shot is from the campus of The University of Texas in Austin.  My friend Pete Talke and I got out there last December for a nice photowalk.  We got shots from all over the place and I still have many to review and process.  This one was from one of the buildings just beyond the Littlefield Fountain, if you know the place.  Anyways, I really like the repetitive pattern of the arches, and besides, I thought you may want to see something other than a blue hour shot!

The cool thing about photography is that I find my skills and tastes change over time, and (hopefully) improve as well.  I remember many months ago I worked on this shot and never came up with anything that I even remotely liked, so I shelved it (I rarely delete shots for the very reason that I expect in the future I may find either new skills, new tools, or new interests that may cause me to regret deleting it).  A few days ago I was scanning through some of my folders and came across this one, so I took a stab at it for the second time.  This time around I decided that I liked it.  Thanks for looking!