Blue hour at the Red Museum

Ok, another blue hour shot but I can’t help myself!  I love shooting during that fleeting few moments when the sky turns this wonderful blue color.  It just rocks.  This is from my recent trip to Dallas.  I was wondering around downtown, post rainstorm, and had walked past the Old Red Museum and Courthouse a little earlier in the day.  I thought it could make an interesting photo, should I find the right comp and all that.  My earlier attempts were from across a street and I just couldn’t get anything without cars in the way - lots of traffic in the area.  So, I continued to stroll and found these wonderful neon-lit fountains just blasting away in an adjacent plaza.  This is right near the JFK Memorial if you know the area (that is the JFK Memorial in the far left, the big square concrete structure behind the trees and lamppost but in front of the taller office building) - I was basically behind the Old Red Museum.  Anyways, I am always interested in shooting water, whether in a fountain, waterfall, river or lake - so I walked around until I happened upon this angle.  Once I lined it up and fired some shots I knew it was going to come out to my satisfaction - hope you like it!