Blue hour, golden dome

As you can probably tell from many of my recent posts, my new favorite time to shoot is blue hour, either morning or evening.  I love the color blue anyways and the light is so soft that it just makes everything seem extra peaceful.   In the case of this photo, it was morning and I was in Denver, CO.  Denver is a nice town and I have been there before on business, but have never really seen the downtown area until this week.  I spent the first half of this week up there and really enjoyed it.  I was there for work, and didn’t have much time for photography, but was able to squeeze in a 2 hour photo walk Wednesday morning (you get lots of time to shoot when you wake up at 5am!) before I had to go mountain biking (rough day, huh?).  I had read about their State Capitol and it seemed as though the building and the surrounding area were worthy of a photo excursion, so I got up early to get ahead of the sunrise and headed out.  It was about a 10 minute walk from my hotel so I got there just in time to set up for this shot - my first of the morning - and blue hour was in full swing.  If you were curious what the Colorado State Capitol looks like at 5:45am on a beautiful summer morning - this is it!

I have a bunch more shots from this trip and will sprinkle more of them in as I get time to process them all.  Thanks for stopping by!