Night falls on Kansas City

Prior to my KC trip, I had read that the WWI Memorial was a great place to get a view of the city, so I planned to be there to take advantage of that.  Luckily, my hotel happened to be a short 5 minute walk away so it worked out nicely.  I spent probably 2 hours up there, taking all sorts of shots not just of the city but also the area around the WWI Memorial.  It’s really a beautiful place.  When darkness starting arriving, I made sure to position myself in just the right place to optimize my view.  I sat on the edge of a big wall (which dropped off a good 50 feet to a lawn below), taking tons of shots, until a policeman asked me to get off the wall.  Apparently there have been some accidents where folks have fallen off the wall, so he didn’t want me to ruin his evening I guess.  He was kind enough to let me fire off this last HDR so I thank him for that! 

This is a 5 exposure HDR shot at f/10, with exposures from 0 to -4.  They were merged into an HDR in Photomatix and adjusted in PSE and Aperture.