Bridges and blues

If you look through my photostream, you will likely find that I have an affinity for bridges and the color blue.  In this case, I got both!  This is the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, CA.  It’s a lovely piece of work.  When I go to San Fran, my hotel is literally a 2 minute walk to the bridge so as a result I have a lot of pics of the bridge.  This shot was done mid-morning, with the sun high overhead.  You can see some of the sun rays beaming down on me.  Not the ideal conditions for HDR work, but I went for it anyways.  In this shot I was intrigued by the clouds overhead - I thought they looked interesting.  Next time I am in San Francisco I will try to get this during sunrise or sunset.  Both could be interesting - for sunrise the sun should be somewhere sort of to the right I think, and for sunset the sun would be somewhat behind me.  Either way it’s a beautiful structure to photograph.