The Lions of Costa Mesa

One night after dinner I was walking back to my hotel in Costa Mesa (Orange County), CA and noticed this fountain, though it was not running at that time.  I thought it could make a nice shot so the next morning before my meetings I went to check it out, and thankfully someone had switched them on.  I enjoy taking HDR shots of water, be it in a river, lake or fountain.  I was looking through my posts recently and noticed that water appears to be in a lot of them!  It's funny what you learn about your likes and dislikes when you look through your own photostream!  Anyways, in this shot I decided to focus rather tightly on that one lion, for some reason, and was drawn in by the repetitive pattern.

This is a 3 exposure HDR at f/6, with exposures of 0, -1 and -2.  Usually I take 5-6 exposures, so I am not sure why I didn't in this case.  This image was taken last November, so I can't remember that far back!  I merged them in Photomatix and made adjustments in PSE, Topaz Adjust, and Aperture.