A blue hour moment in Kansas City

My recent trip to Kansas City was quite a lot of fun from a photography perspective.  When I checked into the hotel, they said my room was on the 14th floor and had a city view, which immediately pleased me.  Isn’t that just pleasing to the ears?  “Ah yes, a city view from the 14th floor”.  Anyways, when I got there I dropped my stuff and immediately headed to the window to see what this view was all about.  Fortunately, it was a sliding glass door with a tiny balcony (big enough for two legs of a tripod, with the 3rd leg back in the room) and actually did give me quite a wonderful view of the city.  The next morning, when I awoke it was blue hour, which is such a fantastic time to shoot.  I threw open the sliding glass door, set up the tripod, and stood in awe for a moment before clicking away.  This is the view off to the right, with about half of the downtown area in the distance.  I have some additional shots of the entire city, and I also had a great view over Union Station too!  Basically, it was the perfect place to shoot Kansas City from!   I also got various shots of KC at night from my balcony, so be prepared for more HDR work from KC coming your way!

This is a 4 exposure HDR taken at f/14, with exposures from 0 to -3.  They were merged into an HDR in Photomatix and then I made some adjustments with PSE and Aperture.