A little excitement

In addition to always posting my shots here on the blog, I add them to a cool photo sharing website called Flickr.  It's a community of photographers that share their work, their advice, and all that good stuff.  It's great to participate in and I must admit I have made some great friends thanks to Flickr.  This morning when I went to take a quick look at my account there, to check on any activity and all that, I was pleasantly surprised to see my post from yesterday had made their "Explore" page, which is where the folks behind Flickr select the most popular photos from the day before.  That's big news for me, as it not at all common and I have only had one other photo make in on the list, and it was way down on the list that time.  Yesterday my shot hit #43 out of 500, so that's pretty cool!  Anyways, thanks for all the support and I sincerely appreciate it.