A tribute to my father

Today's post is a departure from my norm, in that today's post is a bit personal.  Usually my posts are about the shot, but today it's about my dad.  You see, today is an anniversary of sorts, though not the good kind.  It was 10 years ago today that my father died of cancer.  Like anyone who has lost someone near to them, I think about him every day and I miss him.  I wonder what the last 10 years would have been like with him here, but I know it was not meant to be, and this is part of some grander plan that I don't fully understand. Cancer is a tough one, and in his case snuck up on him quickly, catching us all off guard.

I was in East Austin taking some shots, which is an interesting place to go, and came across Livestrong, which as you may know is the foundation that Lance Armstrong started.  They do a lot for cancer awareness and have Lance, as a very public figure, to help drive that awareness.  If you don't know his story, I would be surprised.  He happens to be an Austin guy and has done a lot for our fine city too.  But for every Lance out there,  who battled cancer in the public eye with the help of the media, there are a million folks battling it in quiet places with just a few loved ones watching over them.  Either way, I hope they all Livestrong.