A waterfall in the Texas Hill Country

As you know from some of my previous posts, back in the Springtime I went on a little tour through the Texas Hill Country in search of wildflowers.  I had some good success and hope to do that again next year.  I think this year I was about 1 week early - I still got some good shots but boy did the flowers just explode a little while after I went!  Anyways, while I was there I passed through a little town called Llano.  In a previous post I showed their big bridge which crosses over the Llano River.  While I was down around the base of the bridge, I noticed this waterfall that was spilling over the little dam.  This isn't your "oh my gosh would you look at that" type of waterfall, with a huge drop zone and crashing water flying everywhere, but rather it's a bit more subdued and gentle.   The thing I like most about it is all the naturally occuring pink granite that it's flowing over.  The colors of the moss combined with the pink granite and blue sky were a color combo I could not pass up!