Transamerica Pyramid

The Transamerica Pyramid building is the tallest and certainly the most recognizable building in the San Francisco skyline, and it is a beauty of a structure.  I had spent a Sunday morning meandering around downtown, snapping this and that and generally enjoying the heck out of it, when I decided I should head up to Chinatown.  I turned and ended up going up Montgomery Street and walked right past the building.   Being so close, it is impossible to get a decent shot of the place, and so I passed on that idea and kept walking.  After another block, I turned around and caught sight of it.  The challenge with photographing such well-known landmarks is that everyone has already seen them, so it's hard to be original - plus it was mid-morning so there was nothing special about the light.  Since I was so close to the building, I couldn't get a decent shot of it anyways so I took this view of the top and went on my way.  The original photo was pretty boring and bland, so as you can probably tell I spent a little time on this one in "the lab" and just messed around with it until it looked distinctly different from how it began.  Anyways, hope you enjoy it and if you get to San Francisco try and find a good spot to shoot this building from, and if you do -  let me know!