The Golden Gate Bridge

When in San Francisco, it is hard to not want to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge.  It's such a lovely structure.  I had most of an entire day, and purposefully planned my route so that I would wind up here at the end of the day.  I was hoping for sunset, but by the time I arrived here at Ft. Point it was still a pretty good ways until sunset.  So, I will have to get the sunset at the bridge another time.  I also would like to capture this scene at night time - I imagine the bridge looks pretty sweet all lit up.  Ft. Point is definitely a great place to take shots of the bridge from, since you get a nice angle, a clear view, and some cool rusty chains to boot!  

This is a 6 exposure HDR taken at f/14 and merged in Photomatix.  Some additional tweaking was done in PSE and Aperture.  I have a bunch of pictures from this area and I will sprinkle them in here and there.  Hope yo like it and if you ever get to San Fran be sure and grab the camera and head to Ft. Point!