Bokeh in the streets

As I have written previously, I really enjoy using bokeh in my shots and even the occasional "pure blur" or complete bokeh, such as in this image.  I took this while walking the streets of San Francisco, though with the blur I could tell you it was anywhere and you couldn't really tell.  But trust me, I am an honest guy.  I liked all the colors and the blue sky that I saw, so I set my camera on manual focus, spun the dial a little to get just the right amount of blur, and fired away.  That's one of the nice things about shooting this way - no worries if the image isn't perfect because it's blurry to start with!  This was taken in the Financial District, sort of near Chinatown.  San Fran is a great place and I have plenty more shots to share from there, and most of them are not blurry so that's probably a good thing!