Stars over the Bay Bridge

I was happy to find my hotel in San Francisco was right in the Financial District, putting it a short walk to both The Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge.  One evening while on a photo stroll (I did a lot of those that week!) I was over at The Ferry Building, taking lots of shots (from an adjacent pier) of that beautiful building all lit up at night.  I happened to turn my attention just off to my left and I saw the lights just a sparklin' over at the Bay Bridge.  I am a big fan of bridges and love taking pictures of them, plus I just like the idea of connecting different places.  I find a bridge like this, all lit up, to be irresistible.  The Golden Gate Bridge gets all the press and attention, and it is a real beauty, but I have to say that in my humble opinion the Bay Bridge can hold its own.  This is a single 30 second exposure at f/5.6.

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