Blue Hour in San Francisco

One evening after work while in San Francisco, I went on a solo photowalk and was just sort of meandering.  San Fran is a great town for that.  There are things to photograph on nearly every corner.  I made my way over to the gate at the entrance to Chinatown, and nearby was the Grand Hyatt.  I had read that there was a restaurant or bar sort of thing at the top, and that the view is great.  So, with camera and tripod in hand, I just walked into the hotel, made a beeline for the elevators, and hit the button for the top floor.  When I got out of the elevators, I found myself in a very busy place.  All the best tables were taken and it was crowded - but I guess I should have expected that.  It's not like they wait for me to arrive and just clear out.  Luckily I saw a little alcove off to the side - it looked like an area where they used to have pay phones, which I guess people don't really need anymore.  It was small, but most importantly it was empty and offered this wonderful view.  I quickly set up the tripod and snapped some shots, before the host decided it was a bad idea.

Single image, 8 second exposure taken at f/5.

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