Old Faithful

I was on a guys' trip to Jackson Hole, WY which is a complete blast I might add (both the town and taking a guys' trip) and one of our key destinations was Yellowstone National Park.  It is one of those places that just amazes you at nearly every turn.  Wildlife is abundant and the scenery is spectacular.  I highly recommend that you visit at least once in your lifetime.  Anyways, we spent the whole day going all over the park and at one point made our way to the area full of geysers, where Old Faithful resides.  Now Old Faithful is something that everyone has heard of (right?) and I was looking forward to seeing her in action.  We parked and started walking to where we needed to be.  When you get close, you encounter this sign:

That's it?  That's all you got?  This is a famous place that I had heard of for years, so I guess I expected something a little more dramatic.  No, I didn't expect blinking neon a la Las Vegas but I just assumed it would get a little more than that.  Anyways, the good news is that the sign is NOT indicative of the geyser - Old Faithful is quite a sight and a blast to watch (pun intended).  It was given its name due to the fact that she erupts at fairly regular intervals.  When we got there, the Park Ranger said she was due to erupt again in about 20 minutes - sweet!  Good timing!  So we just hung around, acting like tourists and taking a lot of pictures.  Then you start to see and hear the rumblings and things just start blowing out of the earth - it is pretty interesting to watch.  The average height of the blast is 145 feet - impressive!  Here she is in all her glory: