A look at The Golden Gate Bridge

I spent last week in San Fran, and what a great city.  I had some opportunity for photography and of course one of my primary targets was the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is a fantastic structure to see in person - quite impressive.  I spent a good while walking all around and snapping up a lot of shots, but just haven't had time to process most of them.  However I wanted to post something from my trip today so in this case I went for a bit of a non-typical Golden Gate Bridge shot.  This was from Ft. Point, if you know the area, and I was drawn in by this rusted chain link fence and all the texture and detail it possesses.  I decided to go a little over the edge in terms of processing this one, using Topaz Adjust, but just couldn't resist.  One of my favorite parts of the image is the bokeh of the crashing waves - I was happy to capture that!