This is one of the first shots I took on my recent hill country photo shoot.  I was out looking for scenes with lots of wildflowers, and though I found plenty, I bet it is even more plentiful now.  I like the look of this scene, with the roughness of the rock providing a contrast to the delicate flowers.  I went with a rather tight focus on this one, focused just on the little red patch of flowers in the center in front of the rock, but in retrospect I could have also gone with a bit more in focus because I find the scene fairly pleasing to my eye.  Oh well, sometimes it is hard to tell what you will end up with when you are at the scene, and then of course later you just can't recreate it.  

5 exposure GDR at f/6.3, with exposures from -2 to +2.  Merged into HDR in Photomatix with adjustments in PSE and Aperture.