Life and death in the hill country

While on my recent wildflower hunt through the Texas hill country, my partner in crime and tour guide mentioned that he had seen an old abandoned house outside of town a little ways that sat alone in a field, and there was a good chance the field was full of bluebonnets.  Well, it didn't take me but about 1 second to decide this was a place I needed to see.  Anyone who frequently shoots in HDR is well aware how cool rusted stuff looks in HDR, and though I couldn't get too close due to a barbed-wire fence (this is Texas, after all) I still like the look of the place (and the shot).  Decayed old stuff is interesting in the first place, at least to me, and when you come across a scene where there is a contrast between the death of this structure and the growth of new spring flowers, I find it irresistible.  Hope you like it!

5 exposure HDR taken at f/22, with exposures ranging from +1 to -3.  Merged in Photomatix and some minor Contrast tweaks in PSE and a little color fix in Aperture.