Winter grass

My friend Jeff and I were on a ramble through the Texas Hill Country, and we passed through a town called Kerrville.  The Guadalupe River runs through the town, and we found a spot to stop and take some shots.  It was mid-day so despite it being a chilly January day the sun was high and bright.  Generally I find that the middle of the day, when it is sunny and bright, is not a great time for taking HDR photos.  So, although I definitely took some HDR shots there, this one is a single image.  We walked along the riverbank for a while and ultimately ended up at this spot.  It is hard to tell in the photo, but a lot of the river was slightly frozen on top.  So, being guys, we immediately started chunking rocks onto the ice to try and break it.  Sometimes we succeeded.  We also found that the layer of ice went pretty far across the river, so we spent some time trying to get smaller rocks to slide all the way across it.  It was cool to see them slide way out there, and then drop off into the water.  Ok, this sounds dumb now but it was fun that day!

Single image taken at f/8 and 0 ev.  Some minor adjustments in Aperture and PSE and that's it.  I like how the line of trees falls off in the distance, and the contrasting blue and gold colors.