Berry nice

Ok, that title is a little goofy but it's all I could think of!  Obviously this is a macro of a fruit plate.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I do enjoy macro photography and I find it fun and interesting to get really close to things and see what kind of shot you can get.  You also start to look at things differently than you normally do (and that's the case it seems with all kinds of photography).  The trick for me is that I do not have a proper macro lens.  I checked them out and the one I thought I wanted runs about $500.  I decided against it since I am more interested in upgrading my camera first.  I then found out about the Hoya Macro Filter set, which is about $80.  I tested them out in the store and decided to buy them.  They work great!  I can get to within a few inches of an object and get a shot.  With my normal lens, I have to be 12-15 inches away from the object. So this is a definite improvement!  I liked them so much, I posted a little review of them here.

This is a single exposure taken at f/5, with a -1 exposure bias.  ISO is 100 and I was about 3 inches away from the subject.  I made some adjustments in PSE (Contrast, Unsharp Mask) and added a little pizazz in Topaz Adjust.  Hope you like it!  I definitely recommend that you try macro photography - it is fun!