Back of the barn

This beautiful red barn sits in the Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin.  I believe it has some historical significance, but I sure don't know what it is.  I was walking around the grounds there and snapping off a few shots, which is always fun.  I came across this quite by accident but was glad to find it.  I took a few shots of the barn from different angles, but thinking back on it, I can come up with about 10 new shots of the barn that I should have done.  Is anyone else like that?  I get on a scene and come up with a few shots, but when I think back on it later I always have more ideas.  I wonder why I don't think of them all while I am there? Anyways, I liked this perspective and I like the rusty old abandoned stuff in the grass.

This is a 7 exposure HDR taken at f/11.  The exposures range from +2 to -4 and were merged into an HDR in Photomatix, then I made some minor adjustments in PSE (Curves, Contrast, Unsharp Mask) and some minor color fixes in Aperture.