Lois Perkins Chapel

This is the Lois Perkins Chapel which sits on the campus of Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX (just a bit north of Austin).  I was in the area one day and came across this place and wandered in. I was the only one there - and the only person on campus, as far as I could tell - and it was kind of creepy.  The door was unlocked, so I considered that an invitation to come on in and shoot, so I did.  It is weird to have a church all to yourself, even a small one.  It's great for photography of course, but it's like you are having a one on one with the Creator.  Humbling, I guess is the word for it.  I walked up some creaky stairs to the choir loft - that's ok, right? - and fired off this HDR.  I got a couple more shots inside and then headed out.  The setting sun coming through the stained glass cast a pinkish glow inside which I liked.