Laguna impressions

This is Laguna Beach, CA which is an awesome place and should you ever find yourself in Southern California - find a way to get here.  I just love this place.  It's beautiful.  Now I know this shot pushes the bounds of reality a bit, but sometimes I find that I just like it that way.  This was a single exposure that I was just messing around with, and after a while this was the result.  It seemed somewhat Impressionist to me, and the puffy clouds I thought were pretty cool.  As an FYI, I did not add anything to the image, just was able to accentuate that which was already there.  I did all this in Topaz Adjust, in case anyone is curious.  It's a powerful product and is definitely high on my list of fun and useful tools to have at your disposal!  Anyways, thought I would share it and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for visiting my photo!