The Driskill Christmas Tree

Ah, Christmas.  Ain't it fun?  It's that time of year to eat, shop, and eat some more.  Usually we have everyone to our house for the "big dinner" but this year we decided to go to The Driskill Hotel for Christmas dinner.  It was quite a treat and the food was excellent.  Plus, I didn't have to clean the kitchen!  For those of you not familiar with Austin, The Driskill Hotel is sort of the Grand Dame of Austin hotels.  It was built in 1886 and occupies a prime piece of property in the center of downtown.  It's a beautiful place and is photographed quite often.  For me, this tree has been one of those things that you photograph but are never satisfied with - at least until now.  I shot this last year, quite a few different ways, and never liked it, so the pics just sat on my hard drive and took up space.  But since we were going there on Christmas day this year, I thought I would give it another try.  This time I feel like it came out pretty well, so here it is.  Hope you all enjoyed Christmas!