Soldiers and Sailors

I took a trip to Indianapolis not too long ago, and was happy to return there for the first time in over a decade.  It’s a nice town.  I like it.  There are a lot of interesting places to shoot there, like Monument Circle for example.  It’s a huge circle in the center of town and in the middle of it sits this wondrous (and huge!) monument and fountain.  From the web: 

The Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument is a 284 ft 6 in tall neoclassical monument in the center of Indianapolis, Indiana that was designed by German architect Bruno Schmitz and completed in 1901.  The monument was erected to honor Hoosiers who were veterans of the American Revolution, territorial conflicts that partially led up to the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the US Civil War, and the Spanish American War.

So, I took lots of shots from various spots, and could never get it all in one view, so I opted to piece it up and HDR it from a few different angles.  I will drop those in sometimes and hope you enjoy them!  Thanks for stopping by!