Approaching the Colorado Capitol

Due to all my recent travels (San Diego, Dallas, Tampa) and general life-and-work-busyness, I had almost forgotten about a few of my trips earlier this year such as Denver, Indy, Kansas City and San Fran - and all the photos I took on those trips.  Heck, I even have lots of Austin shots still to get to.  Plus, with my new software purchases I have become a little distracted, playing around with them and having fun.  So, I am trying to go back and work on some images that have been just sitting there in my Aperture library, like this one - just waiting for some attention.  I tend to take Trey Ratcliff’s advice and not process everything immediately after getting back from a trip.  It’s fun to find little surprises in your photo collection that you had forgotten about.  What about you?  

I took this earlier in the summer up in Denver.  I got up really early one morning and experienced a wonderful blue hour and sunrise while walking around the State Capitol and other parts of downtown.  I still maintain my opinion that morning is the best time to shoot when in urban areas, especially if they are popular with tourists.  Tourists are usually up late at night, so in the morning you get great light and no crowds!