San Diego sunrise

Though I tend to get more pictures of sunsets, I really do enjoy getting a good sunrise photo.  It's just harder to be up and out there early I guess.  Recently in San Diego, I found myself with an opportunity.  I was departing my hotel, packing my stuff and all that, when I happened to look out my hotel window and I could see all these wonderful clouds, with the light just starting to peek through.  So I double-checked my flight time, decided I had some time to spare, and hurried up and checked out.  Luckily my hotel was next to the airport, which is next to town as well.  I just needed some water...hey this is San Diego, right?   Water is everywhere!  I always think of California as a "sunset place" because of the sun setting out West, but sunrise worked really well here since I was able to get the sun rising behind the town while still getting some ocean in the shot.  There was a local set up here too, taking shots.  I kindly asked to join him, and he agreed.  Aren't photographers just generally nice folks?  I always feel good when I come across a local - makes me think I might have found a good spot.