Sunset at the Loop 360 Bridge

Three of my favorite photographic subjects are sunsets, clouds and bridges, and I am especially happy when I can get all three in the same shot.  The other night just before sunset I had to run a quick errand, and while I was out I saw some amazing clouds and a wonderful sunset coming together.  Being a photographer, I get twitchy around sunset anyways, and when you know some cool stuff is happening in the sky it becomes unbearable.  So I quickly went home, got the camera and tripod, and zipped over to the Loop 360 Bridge (aka Pennybacker Bridge).  The bridge is an Austin landmark, and a darn fine looking structure in my opinion.  It has the added benefit of being just a short drive south from the house.  So I climbed up a large rock hill and set myself up.  As it turns out, there had been a little accident on the bridge, which snarled up traffic heading North and gave me a lot of light trails and even a fire truck to enjoy.  I am a fan of light trails, and with multiple exposures I was able to get some interesting, if somewhat odd-looking light trails in this one.  I thought they were choppy, but cool.  Overall I was happy to get another sunset at the bridge, which is one of my favorite spots in Austin.

By the way, I processed this image with the new Photomatix Pro v4.0, which I like quite a bit.  I see several improvements over the previous version.  I updated my Photomatix Review, which you can read about here: 

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