Winging it home

It is always nice to return home after a business trip, especially one in which you have spent most of the time on your behind sitting in meetings.  Your reward?  Several more hours on your behind trying to get home.  Isn't it great though when you get to depart a little early and you make it home in time to see the family before bed?  I think that is nice.  Too bad for me that didn't happen on this trip.  I did get out early but with a few delays here and there it was midnight when I crawled into my own bed.  But who's complaining?  At least I got home, and safely too boot.

This was somewhere en route from CA to TX, at probably 30,000 feet or so.  Oddly enough, the flight was not crowded, which I find to be quite rare.  Doesn't it seem like every flight is jam-packed these days?  It does to me.  And of course, everyone has a carry-on and a roll-aboard suitcase, so you are fighting for overhead space.  But, I digress.  As I said, this flight was miraculously under-sold, so I had a row all to myself.  I was sitting there reading a great Harry Bosch novel, when I looked out the window and liked what I saw.  So, of course the camera wasn't far away, so I took a few shots.

This is a single exposure, taken at f/5.6.  I made some minor adjustments in PSE and a light touch in Topaz Adjust, mostly to smooth out some rough spots.  Anyways, it isn't exactly a masterpiece but I liked it!