Yella fella

This beauty was on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin.  I was on a photowalk with my friend Pete Talke of Places2Explore and as we walked by, I couldn't help but notice this garden.  There were these little yellow fellows everywhere.  I tend to like taking pictures of flowers, though I don't profess a real skill at it.  I hope to improve on my macro work this year, it is one thing I intend to focus on (no pun intended).  Anyways, just wanted to share.  It is not a sweeping vista, doesn't possess a lot of dramatic flair, or any of that stuff - it's just a flower, but I like it.  Hope you do too!

This is a single exposure taken at f/8 while lying on the concrete and trying to get close!  I made my typical adjustments in PSE (Curves, Contrast, Unsharp Mask) and that is about it.  I really liked the drops of water on the flower.