A quiet stretch of river

This weekend was great fun.  Me and my good buddy Jeff got the weekend to leave town and go do whatever we want, so we drove a bit aimlessly through some parts of the Texas Hill Country.  There are a ton of small towns (and we saw most of them I think!) and several state parks.  So, basically it was a photography weekend for me.  I think I got about 600 pictures!  Anyways, this was at Guadalupe River State Park.  It's a nice little park with a beautiful stretch of river running through it.  The weather was fabulous and we only saw 2 other people the whole time there.   The great thing about this river is that the water is so clear, as you can plainly tell in this photo.  It really is gorgeous and I have many more photos from the area to work on!

This was a 6 exposure HDR (-4 to +1) shot at f/22 and merged in Photomatix, and then some minor adjustments in PSE (Curves, Contrast) and a slight touch in Topaz Adjust.