Darkness on the Texas Capitol

Last night was an interesting experience.  Trey Ratcliff of www.stuckincustoms.com fame hosted a PhotoWalk around downtown Austin.  This is essentially a meet-up of a bunch of photo enthusiasts, and we walk around, take pictures, and talk about photography.  Probably sounds boring to some of you but it is great fun.  Trey is a great artist and his popularity resulted in over 100 people at the event.  I am sure it looked crazy with all these folks with cameras and tripods, like some tourist event gone awry.  Anyways, we headed from the Driskill Hotel up to the Texas State Capitol and I fired off a bunch of shots. This is the first one I have had time to work on but wanted to post it and thank Trey for hosting a fine event.  He was like the Pied Piper of HDR, walking around with all of us in tow.