A student of history

Growing up, I was not that interested in history.  My father majored in it in college but I never caught the bug until I went to UT - and it took me even longer to recognize that I liked it.  Sort of like Michael Jackson music, or white wine.  Anyways, I had a professor who taught basic history to us underclassmen, but he took the different tact of weaving religion throughout the course and using it to demonstrate how religion had an impact on history.  I thought it was cool stuff, and I was a business major.  I'm sure the liberal arts folks were doing backflips.  Fast forward all these years, and I really enjoy reading about both history and religion (and sometimes wish I had studied liberal arts!).  So the point of all this is that Garrison Hall is home to the nationally recognized history program at UT.  I considered calling this picture something like "A Faithful Student" because there is that lone bicycle sitting there, but since this was a Thursday night I figured the student probably got picked up by his friends and was already at a party.