Sweeping vista of Taos

We spent a day in Taos on my recent trip out to New Mexico, and attended a Native American pow-wow there.  It was really interesting and a fun experience altogether.  There was so much color, and I came away with some cool photos of tribal elders and the like.  I will have to share those with you all.  One of the cool things about that area to me is that you are on essentially flat land, and then *boom* the mountains just rise up to 12,000 feet almost out of nowhere.  It is great to photograph but I left wishing I could find a lens that could allow me to get it all in one frame.  I snuck away from the pow-wow before their Grand Entrance to take this shot of the mountain range in the distance.  I saw a bumper sticker somewhere around there that said "Taos is a four letter word for steep".  Sounds about right to me.