Stormy seas and strong winds

It was stormy on Monday this week in Southern California.  I always thought of that area as The Land of Eternal Sunshine, but when I arrived it was raining hard.  Nonetheless, I went out in search of something to photograph all the while clinging to a thin hope that the storms would pass.  I literally sat around and waited in a hotel lobby in Laguna Beach (where I was NOT staying, unfortunately) for a couple of hours, doing some work and thinking it would clear so I could go shoot.  Finally I gave it up and decided to head back to my hotel.  I didn't drive but 5 minutes or so and noticed that my windshield was no longer getting splashed.  So I did the obvious thing and pulled over immediately, grabbed my gear and ran for the beach.  I ended up along a beautiful stretch of public beach, smack in the middle of the town.  The winds were crazy, it was cold and there was still some rain falling, but I had a blast.  Sometimes things work out in your favor!