Laguna Beach sunset

As I mentioned previously, I spent the first part of this week in Southern CA on a business trip.  My plan was to arrive early enough to get a few hours of shooting in on Monday afternoon, but the weather had other plans.  The nice thing about storms is that once they clear, you have a good chance of getting some great cloud shots.  This was no exception.  Once the rain let up, I dashed out here and snapped off all I could, assuming the storm would return at any minute.  Fortunately it did not, and more fortunately it was nearing sunset which nearly always produces some excellent light to work with.  If forced to choose between mountains and beaches, I would choose mountains nearly every time.  But after spending some time out here, I can see the hold that this part of the US has on so many people.  It is beautiful, especially when the sun is descending on a stormy sea.