A parade of lights

The Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX is their best known tourist attraction (except for maybe The Alamo - remember that? - ok bad joke) and each year on the day after Thanksgiving, they light it up for the Christmas season.  It is difficult to get a good spot, because the crowds are crazy, unless you reserve dinner at a riverside spot in advance (thanks Mom!).  Anyways, the highlight of the event, apart from the actual lighting of all the Christmas lights in the trees, is that they have a parade of Christmas floats going by on the river.  It is a nice way to usher in the Holiday season.  The sunset had been spectacular, the weather was cool but not cold, and there were some nice low-level clouds floating by.  All that, plus a good dinner with a view - a great night!

In this shot you can see I kept the shutter open for a bit, allowing a passing float to blur out with some nice light trails.  Night shots are fun, especially when you have some interesting light to work with!