Guided photo walks in Austin

If you are in Austin (either resident or visitor) and are looking for someone to help make sure you get the best photos of this fine city that you can possibly get, then hire me as a guide and I will personally escort you to all the right places at all the right times.  I’m both a local resident and a passionate photographer, and I know all the right spots.  

My list of the best places to photograph in Austin is at the top of any Google search for that subject, and I have published an eBook about it as well (which you can find here).  I will make sure you get the shots that you want, and that you have a great time doing so...but I can’t promise how the weather will turn out.  :-)  

Prior to meeting up, we can discuss what your preferences are in terms of subject matter and plan an itinerary around that, keeping in mind how the light will come into play on your subject.  Though most people prefer sunsets, I can promise that sunrise is pretty spectacular too, and much less crowded - and I am open to that as well (and there are plenty of places to get coffee)!

Requirements: car to get yourself to the proper spots (unless it’s all walking distance - for example, many of the spots downtown - and I will meet you at your chosen destination), camera, tripod, and a fun attitude!

You get a free copy of my eBook “The Photographer’s Guide to Austin” when you hire me as your guide!

Please contact me to discuss details.


Post Processing Workshops in Austin

If you are looking to take your photos to the next level and really get your friends to say “Wow!”, then hire me to tutor you in how to capture your photos and the fine art processes of creative, stunning post-processing.  I’ve been post-processing my photos for years now and have been recognized globally for my colorful, expressive work.  We can dedicate as little or as much time to it as you want, and meet in a convenient location to get started.

We will cover all the basics from setting up your camera to capturing the RAW files in the field, to using Lightroom to edit your base image, and then using other software products to bring that photo to life.  I will coach you through my entire workflow and help you make your photos into masterpieces!

This customized, personal workshop will include time in the field capturing the photos as well as dedicated time working together on your laptop and working through the various software packages to craft your photographs.  You will leave feeling inspired and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for your photography!

Requirements: camera with auto-bracketing, tripod, laptop, software

Suggested software: Aurora HDR Pro or Photomatix Pro (to create an HDR, if interested), Adobe Lightroom, any of the Macphun Creative Kit, Nik Software Color Efex Pro (or any of the Nik Suite of products), or On1 Software Perfect Effects, or the Topaz Suite (Topaz Adjust, etc), or some combination of all of those products

Please contact me to discuss details.