As you can read on my Topaz Adjust Review page, I really like this product and think it can give your photos some amazing "pop" and "interest".  It can also create some very HDR-like effects on a single exposure photo.  

The kind folks over at Topaz Labs have been generous enough to offer a coupon code for anyone that is interested in buying this product.  Just click on the link below, and in the coupon code field enter NOMADICPURSUITS and you will get 15% off your order!  Plus, it works on ALL their products, not just Topaz Adjust.  They have a whole suite of products that you can try out if you want.  Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by!

Here are some screenshots from the product so you can see some of the various presets that they offer.  This was a single exposure shot that I took of a sunset in New Mexico.

This first setting is called "Spicify" and you can see where it gets its name.  It is very spicy, but fun!

This setting is called "Portrait Smooth" and it applies very soft and smooth edges all around various parts of the photo.  To me it almost makes the photo appear to be an Impressionistic work.  Again, lots of fun!