Body and lenses

My camera is the Nikon D700.  It is amazing. It is fabulous.  It totally rocks.  Need I say more?  It has a full frame sensor and performs like a well-trained athlete.  I just totally dig this camera!  Love!


As far as lenses go, I have 3 right now: Nikon 14-24 for wide angle, Nikon 28-300 zoom, and Nikon 85mm prime.  They are fabulous, and in particular the 14-24 wide angle is incredible.  It blows my mind sometimes how quick it is and how much I can get in a frame!

I mostly shoot with the 14-24 because, well I guess I just love it.  I use this lens for landscapes and cityscapes all the time, and it works great.

Secondly, I use the 28-300 zoom.  It's a great all-purpose lens and also performs really well.  It has such a broad range that it could be a primary lens for me...but my first love is still the 14-24.  It's hard to beat that wide angle awesomeness!

Nikon 14-24.jpg
Nikon 28-300.jpg
Nikon 85 prime.jpg

Just to be clear though, I am not a gear snob (at least, I don't think that I am!) and I feel like you can take great pictures with almost any sort of camera.  I use these devices though because they have additional features that I can take advantage of, which my previous camera just didn't have.

How do you take better pictures?

The best advice I ever got in terms of how to become a better photographer is this: "take a lot of pictures".  The same thing can be said for just about anything.  If you want to improve at something, spend time doing it.  I heard somewhere that your first 10,000 shots are your worst, so get out there and start shooting!

Tripod, Computer and software:

MeFoto Roadtrip - in blue!

MacBook Pro 15" Retina display (greatest computer ever!!)

Nik Software Complete Collection: HDR Efex Pro & Color Efex Pro are my two favorites!

Read more here:

And here:

Topaz Adjust - read more here:

Topaz BW Effects

Topaz Lens Effects

Photomatix - read more here:


Photoshop Elements 

iPhone 4S

MBProRetina .jpg